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Rev. S. AnandaKumar

Rev.S.AnandaKumar is residing at Singanallur in Coimbatore district, South India, He was touched by the Lord JESUS during the year 1994 when he was 21yrs old.

He was actively involved in Zion Christian Fellowship Church, Coimbatore District, in all church activities ( 1994  to 1998 ) and supported the ministries as a Asst.Pastor in Levice Memorial Assembly of GOD (1998 to 2000) he was ordained as Pastor by (Late) Rev. Dyrianathan and other leading pastors in Coimbatore on 31st July 2000

By taking the GOD’s word, the Glory of GOD’S Ministries CHURCH at Singanallur in Coimbatore district, South India,was established during the year 26th Jan 2001

Taken the GOD’s ministries HE did for the people like HE went doing good to all, he was feeling that we should do the same for the people from poor background, underprivileged children, disconsolate widows. At the same time while meditating the GOD’s word in BIBLE he was substantiated with Chapter James 1:27 as mentioned below

The Glory of GOD’S Ministries Trust was established during July 2002, after receiving HIS Word,  Then main focus is to Support poor background, provide Education to underprivileged children, disconsolate widows, support fewer Elders and protect environment.

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To improve the quality of life, increase opportunities, enable choice for poor families, unaided people and widows - Education for the underprivileged children regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion and promote peace, by lending a support hand


Recognizes the importance of the Elders by providing a high quality of comfort, sensitivity and supportive care at the end of life, that fulfill the wishes of the individual.

Finding stable, loving adoptive home , to guard the underprivileged Children , and providing proper education.

Rehabilitation for Drug addicted people. We act with the certainty that our every contact with a practicing addict may be that addict’s last, best chance at recovery, and that every crisis is an opportunity to bring an addict into recovery.

Encourage and escort the Widows in their journey toward achieving a “new normalcy” and enable and enrich the widow in her role and relationship as the mother of her children and as new head of household.

Medical assistance to the rural villages where death toll is high due to non availability of Doctors & medicines.

To create cleaner safer neighborhoods in which we live by working together with our neighbors to improve our local environmental quality by plating trees and the trees will be a refuge & life care facility for birds.

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